okay, so i finally decided what to do!
i'm going to double-major in acting and clothing design, and minor in english. also, i'm taking german. and yes, i realize i'll probably be in school for like, six years :)


i'm going to read the book twilight, and keep track right here, of how horrible it is. i'll try to mention every thing that's wrong with the book, but i'm sure i'll forget stuff.
anyway, i'm off to read chapter one now. blech.

bella whines a lot, and is over-emotional. oh and why is she soooo fucking worried about "standing out"? "oh noes, i'm pale and i wear a black jacket and i drive a beat-up truck!" she gets butt-hurt because some "hott" guy doesn't talk to her. everyone else in the town hits on her.
yeah, this is a great way to start a book.
also, the sentence structures are like, all the same. that annoys me. stephenie meyer is a shit writer.

moral orel

the other night on [adult swim] was a "moral orel" marathon. i, of course, watched it.
i remember when the show first came out; i've always liked the show.
but i didn't read too much into it, i just watched and thought it was funny.
i thought it was poking fun at hypocritical bigots who proclaim themselves to be christians, but don't really follow anything in the bible. nothing more, just a sort of satirical comedy.
until that marathon was on.
the later episodes (season 3 is what i'm mainly referring to) focus less on our young hero orel, and more on the other citizens of moralton.
these episodes tugged on strings inside of me. i could feel my heart moving around, sinking, taking steps back. they disturbed me... i now know that "moral orel" is about a lot more than the misadventures of a young christian boy. it's about life. real life, and how everyone is, in one way or another, fucked up. it's a really beautiful (for lack of a better word), really sad thing. and the most heartbreaking conclusion i came to, is that the naive orel will end up like his father: a miserable, selfish alcoholic.
i'm going to re-watch every episode and see if i can get anything else from it.

EDIT 1/24: several weeks ago, i watched the last episode (after watching all the others, of course) and was delighted at orel's future. it made me smile. this series is wonderful.

happy happy happy

cameron came up to illinois today :)
it was amazing seeing him after so long (it's been four months!)... gosh, he looked fantastic. he looked like he hadn't shaved his face in a month, his hair was oily, and he smelled like sweat. and i couldn't have found him more beautiful. and that first kiss... i hadn't kissed those lips since may 11th, when i was crying in the middle of a clothing store in kissimmee, florida. so when our mouths finally met again, i could feel all the serotonin flooding out of my brain; i actually got lightheaded and dizzy.
no question, i LOVE this boy.
my doctor is going to induce my labor monday if i haven't already popped (which i most likely won't), and i cannot wait to be a mum!! even though cameron isn't going to be able to move up here for some time, i'm so excited about being a parent with him. he effing rocks <3.
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d00d, i was reading old entries and look how silly i was! i never bothered to fix my typographical errors, and i used absurd language.
but i was much more amusing ((and irritating)) than i am now =p
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well, this was fun

first day back to school and i didn't sleep AT ALL.
anddddd my coffee maker is broken.
i almost cried.
and i'm hungry but i don't really have time to cook anything.
okay, that's a lie. i have an hour.

i don't care if you want to know or not, here's my schedule for this nine weeks:
1. oral communication or geometry. not sure if my schedule change went through.
2. biology I
3. A.P. english II
4. law-related studies ((i don't want this class, but it's all that was available))

*le sigh* i'm kinda bored, but not. it's one of those weird moods.
wow, this is turning into a journal entry; it should be on lj.
i'll paste it there.
i wonder if i should leave that part in my post on lj... it might confuse people haha. okay, i'll leave it.

recap of my night:
watched tv
talked to cam
talk to karrah and melissa on aim.
freaked out cos my mum was awake and signed off aim.
made my mum tea cos she's sick.
signed back on aim and talked to the aforementioned chickas.
repeat the above two steps, but add the clayton and alex.
looked at weird recipes for ramen noodles.
freaked out and signed off aim.
didn't sign back on, even though it was a false alarm.
felt bad for not signing back on and talking to alex.
painted somethin for karrah.
watched tv
called cam
hung up on cam
watched tv
attempted to make coffee
had a near-breakdown
called cam again
asked him to make me coffee
hung up again
took a shower
got ready
got on myspace and posted this.

okay, i'm done =p


soo i haven't posted on here in eleven weeks...
i got internet back today.
not that anyone noticed it was gone =p

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omg, don't you just hate it when you send people death threats over the internet and they don't even check their inboxes for days and days?

the suspense is killing me.

i've been thinking...

have you ever noticed how like, all fat chicks are bi?
i know why they are too.
((in most cases, anyway))
it's not becos they're attracted to dudes and chicks.
it's becos they know they're gross and so they'll take anyone who'll have them, and being "bisexual" doubles their chances of having a lover.

gosh i'm a genius.